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Health Insurance

Blaize recognizes the urgency of ensuring that healthcare is accessible and affordable for all Americans. His commitment to this critical issue is unwavering, driven by the profound impact healthcare costs have on both working families and small businesses. Blaize’s campaign policy is built upon the following key principles:

1. Patient-Centered Reforms: Blaize advocates for a healthcare system centered around the needs and choices of patients. He believes in empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare, including the freedom to choose their providers and treatment options.

2. Competition and Innovation: Blaize supports policies that encourage competition among healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. By fostering innovation and market-driven solutions, we can drive down costs and improve the quality of care.

3. Expanded Healthcare Options: Blaize is committed to expanding the range of healthcare options available to individuals. This includes exploring alternative care models, telemedicine, and preventive care initiatives to promote better health outcomes.

4. Protection for Preexisting Conditions: Blaize stands firmly in defense of individuals with preexisting conditions. He pledges to maintain and strengthen protections to ensure that all Americans, regardless of their health history, can access the care they need without discrimination.

5. Cost Transparency: Blaize advocates for greater transparency in healthcare pricing and billing. By arming consumers with information about the cost of medical services, we can empower them to make cost-conscious decisions.

Economic Vitality

Blaize’s foremost commitment is to safeguard and promote the prosperity of Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. Central to this mission is the unwavering support for small businesses, technology enterprises, the service sector, and all industries that form the economic backbone of our region. These industries are not only the lifeblood of our local economy but also essential contributors to the overall strength of our nation’s economic landscape.

Blaize’s campaign policy is founded on the following core principles:

1. Small Business Empowerment: Blaize is dedicated to providing small business owners with the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive. This includes reducing bureaucratic red tape, facilitating access to capital, and fostering an environment conducive to entrepreneurship.

2. Tech Innovation and Growth: Recognizing the vital role technology plays in the modern economy, Blaize supports policies that promote tech industry innovation and expansion. This includes investments in research and development, access to high-speed internet, and fostering a skilled workforce.

3. Service Sector Vitality: Blaize acknowledges the significance of the service sector in our district’s economy. He pledges to back policies that bolster this sector, create job opportunities, and enhance service quality.

4. National Economic Contribution: Blaize understands that the success of our local industries is intertwined with the overall strength of our nation’s economy. He will actively advocate for policies that benefit both our district and the broader national economic landscape.

5. Community Well-Being: Blaize’s commitment extends beyond economic growth to the well-being of the people of Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District. He understands that the success of these vital industries directly translates to the prosperity and quality of life for our community.


Blaize is an advocate for a cause that shapes our future: bolstering education funding and empowering local control over schools. At the heart of his vision is his belief that school districts should have the autonomy to innovate and address their distinct challenges without unnecessary federal interference.

Blaize’s campaign policy on education is built upon the following core principles:

1. Enhanced Education Funding: Blaize is dedicated to securing increased funding for education at all levels. He recognizes that adequate resources are fundamental to providing a quality education that prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world.

2. Local Autonomy: Blaize champions the idea that local school districts are best equipped to understand the unique needs of their communities. He believes in devolving decision-making power to local educators, parents, and administrators to tailor educational solutions that align with their specific circumstances.

3. Innovation and Creativity: Blaize encourages school districts to embrace innovation and creativity in their educational approaches. He supports policies that empower educators to experiment with new teaching methods, curriculum design, and technology integration to better engage students and prepare them for the future.

4. Reducing Federal Bureaucracy: Blaize is committed to reducing unnecessary federal bureaucracy in education. He aims to streamline administrative processes, reduce standardized testing burdens, and provide educators with the freedom to focus on teaching and student development.


In a time of global challenges and uncertainties, Blaize recognizes the paramount importance of a robust and well-prepared military. With unwavering commitment, Blaize’s campaign prioritizes support for our armed forces as a fundamental pillar of national security and global stability.

1. Veteran Care: Advocating for comprehensive healthcare, mental health services, and job placement programs for our veterans, honoring their sacrifices and contributions.

2. National Defense Innovation: Promoting research and development initiatives that drive innovation in defense technology, keeping our military at the forefront of global capabilities.

3. Military Family Support: Recognizing the sacrifices of military families, Blaize will work to provide them with the necessary support and resources they deserve.

Deficit Reduction

Blaize is deeply committed to addressing the pressing issue of deficit reduction as a cornerstone of fiscal responsibility and long-term economic stability.

1. Transparency and Accountability: Blaize advocates for greater transparency in government spending and accountability for elected officials. By holding government accountable for its financial decisions, we can ensure that taxpayer dollars are used wisely and efficiently.

2. Smart Spending: Blaize advocates for a comprehensive review of government spending to identify areas where efficiency improvements can be made without compromising essential services. By streamlining government operations and eliminating wasteful expenditure, we can reduce the deficit while preserving critical programs.

3. Economic Growth: Blaize recognizes that a growing economy is a powerful tool for deficit reduction. Supporting policies that stimulate economic growth, such as investment in infrastructure, education, and innovation, can lead to increased revenue and reduced deficits over time.

About Blaize

Born in Grass Valley, CA, Blaize Harty’s early life was marked by constant movement as his family relocated to various states. It wasn’t until he was six years old that they settled in Minnesota, but even then, his parents’ divorce led to further instability. Despite these challenging circumstances, Harty’s parents eventually remarried, providing him with a more stable home environment. Currently residing in Carver, MN, as well as Greenfield, Harty is the oldest sibling among his six brothers and sisters.

Growing up, Harty’s family faced financial difficulties, with his mother on welfare while working tirelessly to support her children. Unaware of their impoverished situation at the time, it was only after his parents remarried and achieved financial success with their businesses that Harty realized the difficulties they had faced. Witnessing his father’s entrepreneurial journey as a child, Harty developed a keen interest in math, science, and business, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Like several other young individuals who grow up in economically deprived circumstances, Harty experienced his fair share of troubles. He found himself crossing paths with the law, reinforcing the cycle of those he associated with. However, his parents played a pivotal role in redirecting his life and facilitating a positive change. Recognizing a need for transformation, Harty ventured into modeling and acting from the age of 16 to 25, but it was at 19 when his life took an unfortunate turn. His best friend, Joshua Levi Zitzloff, tragically committed suicide, forcing Harty to reevaluate his own path.

Believing that California held greater opportunities for him, Harty made the bold decision to sell his possessions and relocate to San Diego. However, the job he had anticipated fell through upon arrival, leaving him with only $600 to his name. Undeterred, Harty used his last funds to start a window company, drawing inspiration from his father’s occupation. Through sheer perseverance and determination, he built up the company, going door to door to engage potential clients. His relentless work ethic and unwavering pursuit of the American dream paid off.

Today, Harty boasts an impressive track record of seven different companies over the years, each contributing invaluable lessons to his journey. Though some experienced failure, these setbacks only served to strengthen Harty’s resolve and deepen his understanding of the business world. Presently, he operates a successful construction business and a dock and lift company. Additionally, he manages a seasonal company in Florida, specializing in building and repairing lanais. Harty’s extensive experience in diverse industries has honed his ability to adapt, learn, and thrive in the face of challenges.

Fueled by his steadfast belief in the American dream, Harty has chosen to embark on a new chapter in his life: entering the realm of politics by running for Congress. Despite lacking a political background, his experience in business and working closely with people has instilled in him a firm grounding in understanding and addressing the needs of the average American. Harty’s unparalleled work ethic and unyielding commitment to his craft have always defined him, and he will bring this same unwavering dedication to Congress.

Alongside his professional accomplishments, Harty has a rich personal life. Passionate about wake surfing, he spends his leisure time enjoying the crystal-clear waters of Medicine Lake. Coming from a family that has owned a boat rental and bait shop on the lake since the 1960s, Harty’s connection to the water runs deep. Additionally, his love for physical fitness sees him lifting weights five to six days a week and training in boxing for five years and Muay Thai for 2 1/2 years. These activities have instilled discipline and fostered personal growth, qualities that continue to shape him as he faces new challenges.

Family is another essential aspect of Harty’s life. As an uncle, he cherishes the time spent with his four nephews, particularly with two of his younger sisters who recently became mothers to identical twin boys. These familial bonds strengthen Harty’s resolve to make a positive impact in the world and ensure a better future for the generations to come.

In the realm of community involvement, Harty’s construction business and dock and lift company have allowed him to work closely with his neighbors, fostering a strong sense of community. Through his professional endeavors, he recognizes the significance of supporting and uplifting those around him.

An unexpected turn of events led Harty to find solace in faith after the loss of his dearest friend to suicide. His spiritual connection not only guides him but also tugs at his heartstrings when confronted with the struggles faced by countless Americans under the current government administration. Recognizing the importance of faith, community, and personal responsibility, Harty strives to create a better future for his country, advocating for change within the system.

Blaize Harty’s biography is a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of the American dream. From humble beginnings, he has crafted a life defined by hard work and an unwavering commitment to success. With his eye set on Congress, Harty aims to bring about change and ensure a brighter future for the average American. In his unwavering dedication, he exemplifies the qualities needed in today’s political landscape, offering hope for a better tomorrow.